About Us

Established in 1972, TEKIS is dedicated to deliver unconditional customer satisfaction by permanently improving on its modern manufacturing facilities and offerring the best customer service with its experienced team. The strongest aspect of TEKİŞ is the communication capability that enables them to enter the European market. He owes this to the fact that he has a team of engineers who always dominate technical English and German.

We serve our clients in four main lines:

– Mould bases
– Progressive tools
– Tube forming
– Sheet metal parts manufacturing


He was born in Gaziantep, Kilis in 1938. Kamil Özoğul graduated Istanbul Technical University in 1964 with a master’s degree. 1966, he started his career as production manager at PTT. Then he continued his working life in Demirdöküm between 1968-1971. In 1972, Özoğul set up his first company MINIMOT to manufacture parts for the white goods sector. 1973, MINIMOT invested in modern machinery and equipment including wire erosion machines in order to make its own molds. Özoğul established TEKİŞ in 1977 to meet the growing demand in the mold market. 1996, he made new investments for the production range of progressive tools and mold elements. Kamil Özoğul transferred his 30 years experience and expertise to the second generation Özoğul’s where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Kamil Özoğul, who has been living in Bozcaada since then, has been engaged in viticulture since childhood. Kamil Özoğul has two daughters, one son and three grandchildren.